Great Event in London – The Modern Marketers in 2014

The Modern Marketers in 2014 Forum Sessions:

Managing and monitoring successful email campaigns

Constant Contact – Tamsin Fox-Davies

Email marketing continues to deliver extremely high ROI for your clients. However, email as a medium is changing, and you have to stay ahead of the game.

We’ll show you how marketers like you can use email to create and deliver effective campaigns and measure & monitor their results.

You’ll be taken through the key selling points for your clients, essentials for mobile, and the latest research findings from Constant Contact.

Smart Content Marketing

gShift – Krista LaRiviere

The lines between paid, owned and earned are quickly vanishing. Brands are now publishers as consumers interact with their web presence from countless devices.

Agencies have an opportunity to take the lead with Mobile Ready Content, as they drive the discoverability of brand content across search and social from any device in the buying cycle.

gShift will share:

Why search behavior is impacting brand discoverability

Using Keyword KlustersTM in the content creation process and the work around on Google’s Hummingbird algorithm change

How to use performance metrics to benchmark, measure and report on progress

Why it’s not about ‘more’ content, but ‘smarter’ content as you optimize your content inventory around audience needs

Designing & deploying winning PPC Optimisation strategies with Acquisio

Acquisio – Laurent Boninfante

Optimisation has always been instrumental to marketers’ ability to repeatedly deliver objectives. In an increasing productive driven environment, it is however vital to get it right first time around, learn from past experience and scale effectively. In this session, Laurent Boninfante, Managing Director of Acquisio EMEA will share with you tips and tricks to plan, deploy and measure the success of winning optimisation strategies. Using technology to scale optimisation, we will also review real life case studies showing the DOs and DON’Ts of optimisation.

¬†Your client’s social media strategy

Hootsuite – Rylan Holey

The rise of Social Business is seeing Social Media spread across the Enterprise. But does this make it more challenging to show Social Media ROI? We’ll show you what you can and should measure, including social media’s effects on your onsite conversions, and more importantly how social media contributes to your core business objectives.